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The Australian Tattoo Academy proudly support and endorse the following suppliers

One thing I have learnt in my nearly 4 decades in this industry is the importance of using top quality equipment and disposables,. There is nothing more embarrassing than being half way through a Tattoo and your equipment fails and you can’t finish the job.


So as part of all our courses we will introduce you to all the best suppliers in our country. We will also teach you exactly what and how much to buy which will save you a fortune throughout your career.

On this page you will see many products, which I have used personally throughout my Career and have never experienced any problems.  We have an awesome association with each of these manufacturers, giving us total support and guidance with their products.

One thing to remember when purchasing any equipment and products to do with Tattooing, is to remember we have a “Duty of Care” to our customer.  Everything we use, say or do to them brings total responsibility for the outcome, so choose your products wisely.

Click the above logo to view a catalogue of Rossan products

Try to always support Australian suppliers, if you do have any problems or questions about their product, you will get their support.

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