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Hi my friends

If you are reading this, you are taking your first real steps to becoming a real “Tattoo Artist” and not just a Tattooist.


If you are wondering what the difference is, it’s quite simple. 


Tattoo Artist is a true professional who can actually draw and create amazing pieces of Art. 


Tattooist has to use images they have taken from elsewhere, usually from the Internet, which were created by other talented artists. Then these so-called Tattoo Artists trace them and tattoo them onto their customer and generally claim it was their own original design, which I personally think is just a rip off.

Tattoo Academy & School
Tattoo Academy & School

If I were a customer who wanted to get a tattoo, I would expect at the very least, the so-called Tattoo Artist could draw, especially for the very expensive hourly rate that Tattooists charge these days.  If you are planning on getting some ink, first do your homework on the actual artist, before it's way too late.

Anyway, you are obviously wanting to be a Tattoo Artist, which is fantastic.  What I have done is put together a range of courses for you to choose from.  We have Basic Art Classes through to fully advanced Tattooing courses and we can tailor make courses to suit most needs. 

Use the links under the Courses Tab above to find the right course for you!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mitch Brice


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